Impact & Scope

Lunarspace is here to make a genuine impact.
Too long have small and mid-sized organizations been dependent on overpriced and outdated big-tech services to survive. We're here to enact change in the world of big-data and how it's used and monetized. This mission drives us head-in to the world of web3.
We believe the services that a company relies on should be trustless, permissionless, seamless and independent.
We’re dedicated to just that: a simple and seamless way to promote sovereign ownership of company data. We will replace your dependency on big-tech companies with ultra-secure personal accountability and the means to easily control workflow management.
Lunarspace doesn't stop there, we also empower small to mid sized-businesses to work in an environment that is cutting-edge, efficient, and rewarding. Our systems enable organizations to promote healthy competition, reward hard-working team members, and add value to an organization in the form of digital assets. Providing these local businesses with a solution to the lack of understanding of their digital infrastructure, accidental system misuse, and usage inefficiency is something Lunarspace is very excited to accomplish.