Web3 Stack

Lunarspace utilizes web3 tools built in the Cosmos Hub to provide solutions and streamline processes.
The dERP platform is a comprehensive and secure ERP/CRM solution that utilizes the power of blockchain technology to provide access control and user management functionality for companies. The platform includes several key components, including the dERP Launchpad and dPASS SBT, which are implemented using smart contracts on the Cosmos SDK.

dERP's Key Components

A contract-based access control system built on the Cosmos SDK that allows for the creation and management of users and their corresponding roles within the dERP platform. It uses JSON-Schema to define the contract's structure and input/output parameters for each function and is implemented using Rust and TypeScript.


A unique token that is used for secure access to the dERP platform. It is built using the Cosmos SDK and is designed to be soulbound, which means that it cannot be transferred, bought, or sold. The dPASS SBT is created and managed using the dERP SBT Contract, which is a smart contract that is deployed on the Cosmos blockchain.