Lunarspace is mission-driven.

Offering beneficial web3 tools to business process.

Lunarspace offers a distinct set of services; a robust and decentralized ERP/CRM system, SBTs that act as data keys for your network, and systems customization and support.


Lunarspace's core product is a decentralized ERP/CRM called dERP. dERP is a robust, premise-based system that is mirrored by different nodes (computers and servers) behind the Cosmos Hub blockchain. Working in dERP provides user's with industry-best-practice mechanisms and screens while eventually unlocking unrealized gains based on daily workflow.

Juno SBTs (dPASS)

Juno SBTs (dPASS) are data keys that serve one major function: secure, trustless access. Each dPASS is customized to fit the needs of the user, stores the unique verification data of that user, and gives secure access to dERP.

Web3 Benefits

The combination of the blockchain, SBTs, and a decentralized ERP system allows for many new web3 features to be utilized by mainstream organizations all across the world.
  • Multi-layered, on-chain and off-chain encryption protocols make it far tougher for sophisticated hackers and phishers to gain access to a user's system to enact ransomware or other malicious viruses.
  • Secure access control is achieved by fractionalizing a dPASS for users within a network.
  • On-chain access and decentralized databases offer users with sovereignty of data.
  • Accept cryptocurrency as payment and reward cryptocurrency to users and team members.