Accelerating Adoption

Lunarspace tailors services around what will enact widespread web3 adoption.

Web3 confusion is holding back the acceleration of decentralization.

Lunarspace is very clear about our ambitions and our capabilities. This makes our discernment process seamless as we stick to our best practices and morals for how we want to run the company. This includes recognizing the potential problems with the adoption of our products as well as the potential benefits of product adoption as well. Our goal is to help companies evolve digitally without sacrificing things they don't want to.

Mixing open-source encryption with private account management.

dERP is a decked out, robust system that is able to serve many different functions for a wide variety of industries, but we know the most important factors are efficiency and experience. Managing accounts, clients, team members, files, communications, meetings, and anything else you can think of is the core tenants of a useful and efficient ERP. Conducting daily business on dERP is easy, seamless, rewarding, and incentivizing making a partnership with Lunarspace a must in this changing digital landscape.

Promoting internal transparency while maintaining on-chain integrity.

dERP provides a wide variety of services within the system. As an internally opensource platform, dERP is transparent in nature - but only internally. A ledger within the system provides company-wide transparency while the Juno SBT masks activity on the blockchain.

Using a hybrid of web2 and web3 methods to host networks efficiently.

While the inner workings of dERP are built with conventional cloud-hosting SQL properties, everything around dERP is premise-based. A network of decentralized servers and blockchain validators maintain the network while partners of ours decentralize the SQL data. This gives a user all of the same capabilities and assurances that cloud-hosting does but secures and stores the data in a much more ethical and potentially valuable way for the user.

Using web3 to encrypt your network with secure access control.

What makes Lunarspace different from your traditional ERP system is by encrypting access to our services behind a blockchain. We are one of the first of our kind to transition from a traditionally unsecure email/password schema and instead, implementing a non-transferrable digital asset authenticator in the form of a Juno-powered, fractionalized dPASS SBT stored within the company's personal Keplr wallet.