A decentralized, token-gated, premise-based, work-to-earn ERP/CRM.

What is dERP?

dERP is a decentralized ERP/CRM filled with best-practice, customized templates that help organizations work efficiently within their own digital ecosystem. Sales professionals, marketers, law professionals, real estate agents, brokers, manufacturers, and any other profession that relies on systems as a service to function will benefit from this protocol in ways previously unimagined, all without sacrificing anything but a little bit of time to learn a new, user-customized system.

Why do organizations need dERP?

Evolve to an ultra-secure, cutting-edge digital ecosystem that provides organizations with a fully-customizable process and network that enables them to accept and reward cryptocurrency, take ownership over their data and processes, encrypt their network on-chain, and receive real-time analytics regarding system best-practices and team usage.
dERP can be any organization's most valuable and utilized digital asset.

What are the benefits or working in dERP?

Working in dERP offers many benefits for doing daily business like multi-layered web3 security, customized user experiences, dynamically controlled access, and much more. dERP has a built-in work-to-earn protocol that unlocks unrealized gains based on your company’s daily workflow by compiling a user score that's based on human activity within the platform and then rewarded to the user in the form of cryptocurrency.
  • Secured Access Control: We've created a schema for controlled access to your custom ERP: the dPASS, an SBT (soulbound token), minted on the Juno Network, that's non-transferable and tamperproof. The owner of the dPASS can seamlessly set custom access to dERP for their team members and employees throughout the organization.
  • Blockchain Privacy: As an internally open-source platform, dERP is transparent in nature - but only internally. A private ledger within the system provides company-wide transparency while the dPASS masks activity on the public blockchain keeping your activity private within the public ledger.
  • Custom UX/UI Builds: Our team of amazing developers and software architects will create the screens you'll love with the functionality needed to work efficiently without noticing you're on a web3, decentralized ERP.
  • Decentralized Data Ownership: Our key partner Space and Time provides our backend servers with a decentralized database to ensure sovereignty over your data.
  • Employee Retention and Incentivization: dERP has a built-in incentivization system that autonomously rewards cryptocurrency based on valuable human behavior like keystrokes, closing sales calls, key file uploads, and much more within the system.