dERP uses a combination of decentralized and centralized technologies.


dERP is a decentralized enterprise resource planning platform that combines the benefits of blockchain technology with a centralized approach to data management. The platform utilizes decentralized storage solutions, such as Space and Time decentralized SQL databases, to store and manage data securely. This decentralized approach allows for increased security and privacy as it eliminates the need for central authority to control and manage the data.
At the same time, dERP's centralized architecture allows for easy integration with existing systems and provides a streamlined user experience for businesses. The use of smart contracts further enhances the security and decentralization of dERP, allowing for automated and secure execution of transactions and agreements.


dERP uses a combination of decentralized and centralized technology. While it stores data on a decentralized blockchain network for increased security and transparency, it also utilizes centralized technology for practicality and efficiency. For example, dERP may use centralized servers for data storage and processing, or utilize centralized SQL databases for more efficient data management and retrieval. The use of centralized technology helps ensure that dERP is both secure and user-friendly, providing organizations with the best of both worlds.