A brief understanding of Lunarspace's CRM platform: dERP
Lunarspace provides businesses with enterprise-level resources that provide any sized organization’s leadership and employees with cutting-edge blockchain security, efficient workflow management, transparent teamwork accountability, and decentralized ownership of data.
Our network is powered by smart contracts built on the Juno Network blockchain and maintained by hundreds of different nodes within the Cosmos Hub and potentially many other ecosystems in the future.


Lunarspace understands and is motivated by the current state of the evolution of web3: adoption. Adoption is obviously the key factor for the success of web3 applications, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology as a whole. Lunarspace is driven to enable mainstream adoption by giving real-world businesses an actual use case for blockchain technology. This is why we've focused on providing the web2-reliant corporate community with an alternative, web3 network plan to integrate them and their employees into the new digital world.


We recognize and share the same concerns regarding "the new digital world" as outlined above, but this change is coming and it's coming quickly. This is why we are dedicated to placing companies in the right position to migrate off of big-tech cloud-based databases and replacing their outdated, web2 systems and networks with decentralized blockchain technology that is trustless, secure, scalable, and efficient.


To support, incentivize, and reward businesses as they transition to web3, Lunarspace has created a platform called dERP; a robust, premise-based CRM/ERP that is mirrored by different nodes (computers and servers) which releases a company’s dependence on susceptible big-tech cloud servers.
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